A quick blog post about… the blog.

20 weeks since it happened.

This blog started as a result of posting weekly updates on Amanda’s Facebook page. Many of her friends commented on how inspiring her journey so far had been and encouraged me to tell our story to a wider audience.

A few weeks ago someone posted a stroke-related story on STUFF – the most popular New Zealand news website. I posted a comment and as a result STUFF contacted me and invited me to write an article on Amanda’s story. It’s a version of the first post on this blog and can be found here

As a result of that article, in the last 2 days this blog has had nearly 8,000 views from around the world! The article may well be the reason you’re reading this now.

As a consequence I have had a few kind messages of encouragement. For example:

I stumbled into your blog after reading a copy of the first post that had been republished on the Stuff website. I have to confess that despite not knowing you, I have read every last word while reliving the same or similar memories. “

“I would like to thank you for sharing this experience. I read your entire blog this morning from start to finish after reading a bit of it on Stuff.”

A Stroke is a cruel thief.

It kidnaps your loved one and holds them to ransom just out of reach. You can still see them. you can talk to them. touch them even. But you cannot take them back. The stroke holds on to them; gives you tantalising glimpses of the person they once were, or could become once again.

The only way to pay the ransom is with you.

Your time

Your energy and commitment

Your love and intimate knowledge of what makes the person ‘tick’

Your shared experience and memories which you’ll have to dig deep to recall and replace in the mind of your loved one.

Only the will the stroke even consider giving them back to you.

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