Poppadoms, Dominoes & Michelle Obama

Yes, the gap between posts is getting longer. No, this doesn’t mean the improvements are slowing down. On the contrary, improvements are continuing but they’re getting harder to define. As Amanda seems to be continuously edging closer back to her pre-stroke self she then seems to edge forward just a little bit more, redefining the […]

Updates often come with bugs…

I’ve noticed an definite speed increase in Amanda’s mental reflexes and the time she takes to process information or instructions. Using the computer analogy I’ve used before, It’s like she’s had a program update installed. I remember I wrote in a blog post a while ago how I asked her if she realised she did […]

Scones, Scrabble & Cycling

With Winter in full swing in the Southern hemisphere, Amanda is reluctant to go out for a walk in the cold, even when the sun is shining and the temperature struggles into double figures. Evening walks are currently not an option as it’s dark by 6pm. I saw an exercise cycle you can use from […]

Motivated…to the moon

For the last 4 weeks, Amanda has continued to show more signs of motivation and increasing energy and alertness. She actually acknowledged that she does feel ‘sharper’ since the diabetes medication began in early March. This is in addition to continuing to take 2 Voluntastrols capsules each day I reminded her, when she was diagnosed […]

An itch on the side I can’t feel

  With the hiccup of Amanda’s radiotherapy swiftly becoming a distant memory, it’s time to focus once more on her stroke recovery and reflect on the past 2 months and how, in retrospect, she has continued to progress. Despite the longer nights and cooler mornings, Amanda’s positivity and motivation remains unrelenting. Her brain, even 2 […]

Christchurch – 15th March 2019

This post is a bit off-topic but we both agreed it is still an important part of Amanda’s stroke recovery journey…   I just checked when I published the last blog post – 12.35pm, March 15th    We were staying in Christchurch for Amanda’s radiotherapy on Papanui Road, less than 2 miles from the Musjid […]

A stroke is not enough.

As Amanda’s stroke recovery continues, life goes on.  Her ongoing challenges with reading, using the phone and the internet means I look after general household admin. This include dealing with the mail and organising hair, dental and doctor’s appointments. Back in October the appointment letter arrived for her regular 2 yearly mammogram. A few days […]

The 32 year old ice cream…

Yes, a 32 year old ice cream. I’ll get on to that later. Firstly, as Amanda’s stroke recovery enters year 3, she continues to progress. Once again I’m reminded that her brain basically ‘reset’, or re-booted and each new  milestone occurs and is noted in much the same way as we would probably have noted […]

Sugar free benefits? Recurring dreams & beating Aphasia.

As we enter 2019 and Amanda heads towards the second anniversary of her stroke, she continues to make constant improvements and shows clear signs her brain healing is ongoing. I also wonder if a recent diabetes diagnosis may actually be having a positive benefit. There was a 4 week gap between the blood test, which […]

Welsh, Wasps and short sleeved trousers

Amanda recently had to have surgery for something not linked to her stroke in any way and she wishes to keep private. But it highlighted two things. Firstly, she had to have a blood test. The doctor suggested using her affected right arm as she wouldn’t feel the needle. But she clearly did. We discussed […]