Still more glimmers of improvement.

Over the last few weeks there have been more glimmers of improvement as Amanda’s brain and body continue to slowly recover and progress towards her pre-stroke fitness. Firstly, small but encouraging developments with her executive function. For example late one afternoon after her nap she went into the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. When I […]

“I wish I had more oomph”

As Amanda continues to progress she becomes increasingly more self- aware of her situation;  a positive sign  her inner voice is beginning to return, which gives hope that her decision making and planning capacity will also improve. She is obviously getting frustrated at her physical and mental capability, commenting a few days ago; “I wish […]

One year on…

I made sure Amanda was not  aware it was the anniversary of her stroke. Although a year of continuous recovery is significant, the event itself is hardly something to celebrate or commemorate. Flowers were suggested but I said that the day should be just like any other and making it ‘special’ might do more harm […]

Black Star. Blue banana

As the first anniversary of Amanda’s stroke approaches, I reminded her that a year ago this weekend we were busy painting the window frames at the front of the house. She said she has a vague recollection of this. For at least 6 months after her stroke she couldn’t remember anything from the 6 months […]

Roast Chicken & Technology

With Amanda’s working memory skills slowly improving, she isn’t  yet at the stage where she is able to venture into the kitchen other than to prepare breakfast, a hot drink or a sandwich. Things like planning, setting goals and carrying out sequenced tasks still require work and, like everything which aids improvement, constant repetition. On […]

When pain is good…

Amanda was fed by a strictly – controlled nasal drip for the first three weeks after her stroke. For the following 3 months, except for occasional weekend visits home and food I took in, she ate a perfectly acceptable hospital diet, rotated, we soon discovered, on a fortnightly basis. As many will know, stroke recovery […]