Bubbles, cheesecake & baubles

One evening last week, I deliberately left Amanda the kitchen after dinner so she could attempt the washing up on her own. I came back a few minutes later to find her busily scrubbing the dishes. She looked up, confused. “How do I make the bubbles in the water?” I looked in the sink to […]


On Thursday Amanda had her angiogram in Wellington Hospital. Our instructions were she could eat a light breakfast before 6am, only drink water after that and report to the ward at 10am. She was on the list for the afternoon, so nothing was expected to happen before 1pm. To avoid getting up at ‘stupid O’clock’ […]

Groundhog Year!

Nearly 10 months post – stroke and there are still daily improvements. Subtle, but perceptible. More neurons are firing on an increasing basis, and there seems to be a cumulative effect. Once a door opens it remains firmly open. So, there are now elements of pre-planning going on – For example pre-filling the kettle in […]

This week… bedroom antics

On Tuesday I was away on business while my parents stayed over. During the night a storm cut the power at home so I knew Amanda would wake up to her digital clock flashing some random time from several hours ago. When I got home I checked the clock. It was correct. To the minute. […]