It’s getting better all the time…

Amanda’s reading and ipad skills have (re)developed to the point where she has  managed to locate this blog so has read the first post. But she has decided she needs to psyche herself up to read any more!

If I show her words written down in short sentences they are unreadable. Yet if I ask her to spell words out loud 99 times out of a 100 she gets the spelling correct every time. This means that she is somehow able to read.. some things… sometimes. But there is still no logic to what she seems to be able to make sense of writing-wise

Highlights this week have been Amanda offering to help out with the preparation of the Myfoodbag meals we are having delivered, thanks to a very generous gift voucher from my work colleagues. She’s also keen to help tidy up afterwards.



On Saturday morning Amanda went for her first haircut in nearly 5 months, again thanks to a very generous voucher from owner Jo at Serenity in Richmond.


On Monday morning Amanda made choc chip cookies with her regular carer, Becky and on Friday we should have the first home visit from a physiotherapist. I’m looking forward to the speech therapist so I can explain how specific Amanda’s aphasia seems to be. Hopefully they will be able to give us the tools to target these very small gaps.

Plenty of sleep is still the key to recovery; a nap mid – morning and a longer sleep – sometimes up to 2 hours in the afternoon. This then means there is a productive window of alertness after our evening meal, between 7 and 7.30pm when we can either practice word puzzles or some simple physical exercises.

3 thoughts on “It’s getting better all the time…

  1. Thank you for sharing this most amazing journey to recovery. I pray that Amanda continues to recover fully as she has shown great courage and determination. My father experienced three strokes early 2016 so I became the person who exercised and encouraged him.
    It is challenging to watch a loved one go through significant trauma and the impact on their support crew isn’t always acknowledged. Your blog speaks from your heart and we can feel how much you have helped Amanda’s recovery.
    With warm regards

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  2. i’m a nurse and I have “enjoyed” reading your comments (if one can enjoy hearing about illnesses in others) and following you and your lovely wife’s journey. I have learnt several things from your blogs like Little things do matter, and every small success is a winner. Congratulations to you both for going through this together with love, and dignity. Keep going!!


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