Bananas are still blue…

This week Amanda has been perfecting rolling to the side of the bed, swinging her feet over, standing & then turning 90 degrees to sit in a chair. Easy for you and me but technically challenging both physically and mentally.


Her memory is getting better a tiny bit each day, but she still cannot identify a banana and colours are still a mystery. Bananas are still blue. I’ve attempting to reboot the memory, starting with Joel’s baby photo album. All those years of developing photos pre- digital; suddenly they have an unexpected use!


Walking is steadily improving. In the next week we hope to use her standing and turning skills to get her into a car and down to the beach, at least for some sea air with the windows down.


Earlier today, lots of concentration! A 45 minute dressing and grooming session followed by another 45 minutes of speech therapy. By lunch she was exhausted!

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