A pet visit…

I took one of our Burmese cats in to see Amanda on Saturday morning.

Car rides either mean the vet or the cattery, so he wasn’t happy, and the hospital was the largest vet’s clinic he’d ever seen!  I was able to close the door to Amanda’s room to keep him safe, but that didn’t stop the nurses peering in for a look. Despite his yowling and asking me where his other human has been for the last 5 weeks he was laid back and, since cats don’t show their emotions like dogs, he took it all in his cool, cat – like stride. Amanda was obviously pleased to see him, whch was the whole point of the visit!

This morning (Monday) she had a shower supervised by her occupational therapist who commented afterwards how well it went. Amanda was able to wash her own hair for the first time in 6 weeks.

But the most remarkable part was the fact she was able to use the mirror to ‘see’ her right side which her brain stubbornly refuses to acknowledge and in doing so was able to problem solve how to put her top on. The occupational therapist had never seen this before so early in rehab.

After lunch and a nap she then walked (assisted by 2 physios), along the 5 metre handrail 6 times. So far she can swing her right thigh but not quite get the full stepping motion with her foot. She should have it by the end of the week.
I reminded her that we managed to capture Jess’ first steps on video many years ago and this was the opportunity to now capture her second first steps. I got a look…

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