A dog, a cat in a hat & unexpected praise

Amanda is now into month 17 of her stroke recovery and month 3 of taking 2 Voluntastrols  capsules each day – and recovery still continues. I’m now opening the capsules and mixing the contents with her breakfast porridge. For her this is easier than swallowing them and just turns the porridge purple. As well as […]

Nonsense poems and numbers

Amanda has now been taking 2 capsules of the Voluntastrols botanical supplement every morning for the last 6 weeks.  In the last two weeks (and bearing in mind 16 months post – stroke), she has demonstrated further improvements. Self – motivation continues to show signs of improving. I set her a task to tidy the […]

The return of the working memory?

This is the longest gap between posts so far. Three weeks since the last one. So what’s been happening? It’s been one month since Amanda began taking the Voluntastrol  botanical supplement and also a month since I signed her up to the Constant Therapy app. In that time she has completed nearly 800 tasks on […]

Supplements and gym membership. Recovery just got real!

On Good Friday, Amanda started on a nutritional supplement; Voluntastrols – a botanical supplement containing specific secondary plant metabolites extracted from citrus, theobromine, cacao and chamomile. Since then I’ve kept a close eye out for any changes in behaviour or cognitive ability For many months she has tried to improve her spelling and alphabetical skills […]

Still more glimmers of improvement.

Over the last few weeks there have been more glimmers of improvement as Amanda’s brain and body continue to slowly recover and progress towards her pre-stroke fitness. Firstly, small but encouraging developments with her executive function. For example late one afternoon after her nap she went into the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. When I […]

“I wish I had more oomph”

As Amanda continues to progress she becomes increasingly more self- aware of her situation;  a positive sign  her inner voice is beginning to return, which gives hope that her decision making and planning capacity will also improve. She is obviously getting frustrated at her physical and mental capability, commenting a few days ago; “I wish […]