This week – a little bit weird, a little bit wonderful.

It’s apt that I’m writing this post on Good Friday.

This week has certainly been a little bit weird… and a little bit wonderful.

It all started last Friday when Amanda did her usual 3 hours at work in the morning. After dinner she spent 30 minutes practicing her spelling on the Tactus Therapy app. We then played assisted Scrabble for an hour. I commented at the end that she still seemed remarkably alert and perky.

“How long did you sleep for this afternoon?” I asked.

“I didn’t.” She replied.

The following day comments began to appear on the blog from a familiar-sounding name; one familiar to New Zealand TV viewers. He told me about a natural food – based product which had been used by a friend’s father as he recovered from a stroke.

I found the website  for the product and was intrigued to read about support for motivation and enthusiasm, brain health and cognition using a product based on 100% natural food extracts. Intriguingly there was also mention of support in recovering from brain injury, including stroke.

I sent the website link to our son who, studying for his psychology doctorate, would be able to give me a more informed opinion. He noted the site was big on benefits, but short on actual research.

I then talked to  a practitioner who is familiar with the product, challenging them on the lack of research or testimonials. They sent me some links to research not mentioned on the website.

Amanda and I agreed to give it a go.

Amanda took the first two capsules this morning. In the next blog post I’ll be giving you more information which will include the product name and any improvement I have noticed.

Also this week, I was contacted by Amanda’s speech therapist, offering further sessions (the first this year). I have also booked her introductory gym session and we have her appointment in two weeks for professional lymphatic massage at the local hospital to try and alleviate the leg swelling exacerbated by her relative immobility since her stroke.

All these separate events have somehow come together just this week and will hopefully work together pushing us forward and upward into a new and exciting phase of Amanda’s recovery.


tahuna at easter

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