A stroke is not enough.

As Amanda’s stroke recovery continues, life goes on.  Her ongoing challenges with reading, using the phone and the internet means I look after general household admin. This include dealing with the mail and organising hair, dental and doctor’s appointments. Back in October the appointment letter arrived for her regular 2 yearly mammogram. A few days […]

The 32 year old ice cream…

Yes, a 32 year old ice cream. I’ll get on to that later. Firstly, as Amanda’s stroke recovery enters year 3, she continues to progress. Once again I’m reminded that her brain basically ‘reset’, or re-booted and each new  milestone occurs and is noted in much the same way as we would probably have noted […]

Sugar free benefits? Recurring dreams & beating Aphasia.

As we enter 2019 and Amanda heads towards the second anniversary of her stroke, she continues to make constant improvements and shows clear signs her brain healing is ongoing. I also wonder if a recent diabetes diagnosis may actually be having a positive benefit. There was a 4 week gap between the blood test, which […]

Welsh, Wasps and short sleeved trousers

Amanda recently had to have surgery for something not linked to her stroke in any way and she wishes to keep private. But it highlighted two things. Firstly, she had to have a blood test. The doctor suggested using her affected right arm as she wouldn’t feel the needle. But she clearly did. We discussed […]

A month of ups and downs

Firstly the down… Amanda fell over for the first time since her stroke exactly 19 months ago. It has always amazed me that even when she was learning to stand up and walk, she never once toppled or lost her balance. But for some reason which she cannot remember her affected leg somehow caught the […]

“I have a dream…at last”

Over the last few weeks there have been a few more noticeable milestones. In the life of anyone not recovering from a stroke they would be insignificant. But when an action, reaction or emotion suddenly reappears after being absent for more than 18 months, their re – appearance is literally remarkable. Firstly an incident which […]

When phobias are good & reading with your ears.

It’s now 20 months since Amanda’s stroke, and way past the point where the so-called ‘Plateau’ effect means she should have stopped improving or at least slowed down significantly. But with the benefit of two daily Voluntastrols capsules, as the only thing consumed in addition to a normal healthy diet and the regular challenging tasks […]

When you remember that you forgot…

This weekend we celebrated 35 years of marriage. Amanda made sure she remembered the anniversary by passing me a card at 1.30 a.m.  – while she thought of it She then slept in until 9.30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I asked if she had been asleep all that time. “Well, I was asleep until I […]

One small step for man –another giant leap for Amandakind

I’ve realised the gaps between these posts are getting longer. So does that mean Amanda’s recovery is slowing down? I don’t think so. But the more she heads back towards ‘normal’ the harder it becomes to notice  improvements since they are often so subtle I only realise after a few days that yet another pre-stroke […]