This week… bedroom antics

On Tuesday I was away on business while my parents stayed over. During the night a storm cut the power at home so I knew Amanda would wake up to her digital clock flashing some random time from several hours ago.

When I got home I checked the clock. It was correct. To the minute.

I asked Amanda if she had worked out how to reset it?

For someone who cannot yet read the time aloud she had worked out how to convert the time on her wrist watch to digital and then how to reset the clock.

Aphasia still baffles me.


Each night as she gets into bed, Amanda runs her hand across her face and checks if she still has her glasses on. Most nights she has remembered to remove them, although she still occasionally needs a reminder.

Last night she also ran her hand across the top of her head.

“Did you just check if you were wearing a hat?”


“when did you last wear a hat to bed?”

We were still laughing five minutes later.


Sunday was International Use Your right Hand Day –  at least in our house. I encouraged Amanda after reading about ‘learned neglect’ and how using her left arm helps her brain to forget the right one. It’s all about repetition.


Finally, this week we watched a BBC documentary Speechless

It follows 2 men as they come to terms with their Aphasia. It struck me how one, despite 6 months of rehab and appearing to have the ability to walk again, chooses to leave hospital in a wheelchair.

I reminded Amanda, with a far worse bleed, she walked out in 3.

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