Walk Out The Door…

So.. 3 days after hospital discharge.

Amanda took the opportunity of the peace and quiet to make napping an Olympic event over the weekend. This is good for brain recovery (for all of us actually), and made me realise how noisy and distracting her hospital room must have been. Even though she had a room to herself for the entire 3 months of her stay, there was still people walking past or coming in to check her or take her to physio.

The Occupational Therapist suggested rails for the shower. I was reluctant to drill into the shower surround and add permanent ones so looked at the ‘suction-cup’ options. No many in New Zealand, so I investigated overseas, on  US Amazon. I found something suitable and chrome ratehre than plastic to go with the existing shower metalwork. So I ordered from Amazon U.S. on the evening of Friday 19th May  (NZ time) and they arrived on the morning of Wednesday 24th and have been put to good use already. The other advantage is that they can be removed and taken with us when we go away next weekend.

These next 2 weeks while I’m off work are about getting into a new routine. sS this morning I got up at my usual 6am as if I was going to work and just let Amanda do her own thing (with me on ‘safety watch’ just in case). She got up, showered, dried, selected clothes and put them on, and then got breakfast and a cup of tea, all with very little input from me. Truly amazing after just 3 days being at home full-time.

This morning we had an appointment with her GP. Just a catch up visit now she has been discharged. The Health Centre doctors have been getting all the regular updates to her medical notes and obviously discussing them. The first thing her doctor said was;

“None of us ever expected to see you again, let alone walk in here.” Her parting comment to Amanda was ‘You’re an inspiration.’

Both of them walked away with big smiles on their faces.

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