Memory Discharge…

After leaving Amanda’s leg splint off at home the physio has agreed it can now stay off permanently. One of the things on her ‘wish list’ was to start showering standing up and that is now happening, at least at the hospital.

On Wednesday she spent an hour making scones in the Occupational Therapy Kitchen which were then shared with the other patients. She talked about her cake making prowess and as a result the charge nurse is bringing in her special chocolate cake recipe for Amanda to bake tomorrow!


Movement continues to return to her right hand and arm as the shoulder regains strength and the brain continues to slowly re-wire the connections. She is now able to touch her nose and should be able to lift a cup to her lips later this week.

On Sunday I sat her down to watch the recent BBC documentary made by BBC journalist Andrew Marr. She was very interested to see how other people cope and we noted how her stroke appears to have been more severe than the people shown, yet already her recovery has outpaced most of them. Well worth a watch on youtube, or click the link above.

Also a return to retail therapy with a quick shopping trip to buy some track pants and matching top now the temperature is beginning to drop. She enjoyed a ‘proper hot chocolate’ at Columbus Coffee afterwards.

Great ‘phrase of the week’ this week; We watched the latest Doctor Who and she said she was gong to ‘put it in her memory discharge’ After a bit of discussion I worked out she meant she was going to forget it.

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