Easter at home

Amanda has been at home for the Easter break & goes back to the Nelson Hospital Rehab Centre tomorrow (Tuesday).

We have packed a lot into the last few days, thanks to assistance, catering skillz, teaching expertise and general sisterly support from Liz & Sue

Saturday morning was Nelson Market followed by lunch @ the Riverside Cafe and then a long walk around an antique & collectors fair.

With rubbish weather on Sunday we concentrated on reading & writing and remembering what numbers are!
In the evening I gave her back her wedding & engagement rings which had been removed in the Wellington ICU 11 weeks earlier.

Today we had a trip to Kaiteri for lunch followed by a real fruit ice cream. Amanda is currently zonked – out in the lazyboy and will probably complain again tonight about being sent to bed at 10pm!

So a very successful first long trip home. A few lessons learnt about over-extending her stamina, but the wheelchair remained in the car throughout, and despite a few minor stumbles she continues to be trip/slip/fall free.

She is not looking forward to going back tomorrow but realises there are still some bits of both body & brain which need fixing!

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