25 days on…

Overnight Amanda decided she no longer wanted to eat through her nose so pulled out the nasal gastric tube. As a result she ate a good (but soft) breakfast and lunch and was drinking orange juice, complaining the water I tried to give her this afternoon was ‘too bland’.
She is no longer on the ‘watch list’ as there are no more tubes left that she can pull out.

When I phoned this morning, her overnight notes said she’d been restless and hardly slept (planning her escape probably), but she remained alert and awake from 1 until 5 this afternoon, asking what had happened and how long she had been in hospital.

In fact she was so much more ‘with it’ today I decided it was a good day to finally open and read out her birthday cards and the get well cards she has received over the last few weeks.
She is still not good with memory. The best she could come up with for me was our son’s which was close enough. She also struggles with sentences, but is aware what’s going wrong in her head and told me it is ‘frustrating’.

Early next week she is on track to be moved to the rehab unit on the ground floor, as she is no longer a ‘medical’ case. She’ll get physio, speech therapy and occupational therapy where they can re-teach things like dressing, washing etc.
She’s come a long way in just 25 days.

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