One week on…

A week after her massive brain bleed Amanda continues to make small steps each day.

This is day 8 of having the breathing tube which the intensive care paramedic inserted on our kitchen floor. As a normal consequence she is at serious risk of acquiring  VAP – Ventilator Aquired Pneaumonia. As a precaution she is being given antibiotics and gentle physio.

Her medical team were very keen to remove the tube which is the ultimate source of any potential infection. So this afternoon they performed a tracheostomy. This sounds scarey but nowadays is a thin needle over which they slip ever- larger cuffs until the hole is big enough for the tube. This tube is then briefly reconnected to the ventilator which gives her extra oxygen as they gradually wean her off and onto self-regulated breathing ( which she is already doing). This in NOT permanent and eventually they will remove the tube and the hole self heals.

Now this has been procedure has been done,they can also start gentle physio on her limbs to get the muscles moving again. Bear in mind apart from everything else the pneumonia and the resultant fever would have her feeling like crap!

As soon as they switched off the sedative post- procedure she opened her eyes. With no tubes and wires in and around her mouth she looks so much more human. It also means I can read her facial expressions far easier and finally give her a proper kiss on the cheek!

Amanda’s brain assumed it was being attacked by an infection, so created a high temperature to kill it. As a result she needed cold flannels and ice packs to lower it to a safe level

So today started with fever and ice packs and cold flannels and ended with a lower temperature, no more ventilator tube down the throat and a cooler temperature with spontaneously opening eyes.

As soon as she can prove she can stay awake for sustained periods and sorts out her breathing (which shouldn’t take long) they will be happy for her to go up to the general ward, under ICU supervision.

It’s all down to her now.

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