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This video has gone from YouTube but the background media release is here.

This documentary appeared on the BBC just a few weeks after Amanda’s stroke. I watched it as she was still in the ICU at Wellington Hospital and realised 2 things. The enormity of her situation and the normality of recovering from a stroke for thousands of people each year. We watched it together on  6th May, 3 months on. She was fascinated to see people in a similar predicament and recognised so many of the same features as they struggled to overcome their situation.

I realised, watching it again, how bad her srtoke had actually been compared to the other survivors on screen, and how, only 3 months on, she was already ahead in so many ways, of those people.


Jill Bolte Taylor

Amanda’s occupational therapist put me on to this lady; a brain scientist who has recovered from a stroke. As well as reading her book, this video gave me a good insight in to the capacity to recover from such a devastating brain injury.