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Facebook Pages

Facebook has been a huge source of knowledge, fact, myth and inspiration. It’s also the place where you may have come across this blog! I’ve gradually found pages of all kinds and would encourage both stroke survivors and carers to take browse at least some of them.

Note, some of them are closed groups (you have to actively join). You will need to search for them on Facebook as I haven’t included links, just the group names:-

Adler Aphasia Center
American Stroke Assoc
American Stroke Foundation
Amys TBI Tribe
Aneurysm Support Australia
Aphasia Access
Aphasia Center at Steps forward
Aphasia Center of Maine
Aphasia Center of West Texas
Aphasia Centre of Ottawa
Aphasia Corner
Aphasia Friendly Resources
Aphasia Groups
Aphasia Recovery Connection
Aphasia United
Aphasia will not be silent
Arc Aphasia
Australia Aphasia Assoc
Brain Aneurysm strokes,AAAVM survivors and caregivers
Brain Aneurysm Support Aus
Brain aneurysm/AVM support group by the Joe Niekro Foundation
Brain Anuerysm Survivirs
Brain Injury & mental health Support
Brain injury support group
Brain Stroke Awareness
British Aphasiology
Building your life after traumatic brain injury
Burgundy for life
Carers of Stroke survivors NZ
Constant Therapy
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
ESO Euro Stroke
Flint Rehab
Houston Aphasia Recovery
I am proud to be a stroke survivor
Life After Astroke
Living with Aphasia
Move Therapy
My best friends are stroke survivors
National Aphasia Assoc
National Stroke Assoc of Malaysia
Personal side of Traumatic brain injury
Positive thinking Stroke Survivors
Second Chance Stroke
Singapore National stroke assoc
Spousal care community
Stroke and recovery chat, share
Stroke Assoc (UK)
Stroke Association east of England
Stroke Association london
Stroke Association midlands
Stroke Association North East
Stroke Association Northern Ireland
Stroke Association of Victoria
Stroke Association Scotland
Stroke Association South East
Stroke Association South West
Stroke association Wales
Stroke Awareness
Stroke Awareness For Everyone
Stroke Awareness Support Foundation
Stroke Buddies
Stroke caregivers
Stroke Connection magazine
Stroke Foundation (Aus)
Stroke Foundation of NZ
Stroke know how
Stroke recovery at home
Stroke recovery Foundation
Stroke Support Assoc
Stroke Support Group
Stroke Support New Zeland
Stroke support NZ
Stroke survivor and recovery support
Stroke Survivor Fitness
Stroke Survivors and their suporters
Stroke survivors Foundation
Stroke Survivors Support
Stroke Survivors Support Group
Stroke Survivors: healing the broken brain
Stroke Tribe Warriors
Stroke Warriors
Support for Carers NZ
Surviving with Strength
Talk Aphasia
The Brain Anuerysm Foundation
The Stroke Coffe House, Stroke Survivors and Caregivers
The Stroke Foundation
The Stroke Network
Traumatic brain injury
Unseen effects of stroke
Wellington Aphasia Community
World Stroke
Young Stroke Survivors global network
Young Stroke Survivors Support Group
Younger Stroke Survivors NZ



Jill Bolte Taylor

Amanda’s occupational therapist put me on to this lady; a brain scientist who has recovered from a stroke. As well as reading her book, this video gave me a good insight in to the capacity to recover from such a devastating brain injury.


Other Stuff

Amanda has been taking a natural health product to see if it would have any effect on her cognitive function.  It’s the only ‘pill’ (pharmaceutical, naturopathic or otherwise) she has taken on a regular basis since being discharged from hospital in May 2017.

 In the 18 months she has been taking Voluntastrols which contain key extracts to support energy levels and healthy mood, cognitive & mental function, focus & clarity and support brain health (to name a few of their benefits),   I have noted and charted in the blog, a noticeable improvement in her cognitive ability, and bear in mind this is beyond the 12 month anniversary of her stroke. This improvement is also borne out by the steady rise in her scores using the Constant Therapy app in the same period of time. An added plus for us is that this is a New Zealand-made product.

Constant Therapy is a subscription-based , award –winning science-based speech, language and cognitive exercise program which can be tailored to the user and slowly adapts and  evolves in response to the scores of the user as they become familiar and confident in re-establishing previously hidden and weakened everyday abilities. Amanda has found this program challenging and at times tough going. But she has gone from managing just 5 questions in 30 minutes (followed by a nap), to more than 50 tasks and questions over a three hour period. Her cognitive ability continues to improve and her mental stamina has increased hugely, aided no doubt by the reward response and positive mood which can be generated by the Volantastrols


There is more information about Voluntastrols on their website:

Constant Therapy has detailed information on their products on their website: